Whether you're already married or eagerly anticipating your dream wedding, this
personalised experience offers something truly exceptional.

Instead of traditional preserved flowers, Vienna Storm Studios beautifully recreates
your unique bouquets, allowing you to cherish a piece of your special day forever.

The Process

1. Pick your canvas size (artwork is created on premium stretched cotton canvases)

2. Pick your commission month (note there are only limited spots per month as these
are handcrafted by Vienna Storm. She puts a lot of time and effort into recreating
your beautiful bouquet).

3. Pay a 40% deposit to secure your spot (a deposit is made to ensure you have
secured a spot within the month you have chosen).

Due to high demand this deposit is
necessary to secure your spot.

4. You are welcome to either upload images of the bouquet yourself when you book or put Vienna in contact with your florist or photographer for more images. If no photos have been uploaded, Vienna will be in contact prior to commencement of the artwork to obtain these images.

5. Vienna will reach out to you in your commission month to let you know your
painting has commenced and to discuss details regarding shipment, remaining
payment and additional add on if you require (framing etc).

Please Note:

- Shipment is a additional $40.00 AUD flat rate for Australian located customers. All other shipments fees are different depending on the size of the canvas you have selected and country. Vienna will email you with the shipping fee once you have placed your booking or alternatively you can send her an email here to find out before you book in. 

- Vienna Storm will choose the colour of the background artwork. The colour is
carefully chosen to complement the colours of the bouquet (unless discussed on
email prior to commencement).

- Artwork will not be shipped out until final payment has been received.


Each artwork is meticulously crafted using acrylic paint, accentuating fine details and adding a delightful touch of texture for a 3D pop. This combination is what brings Vienna's bouquets to life!

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like a different sized canvas to what is offered

That is totally fine. The sizes that are on the booking tab are standard sizes I usually do for bouquets. However, if you have a size that would suit your space better then please contact me here

Why are only some sizes available in the month I am after?

I can only do so many bouquets per month. If someone has ordered a large canvas then I may not be able to do another canvas that size in the month. Please select the next month avaliable with the size you are after or alternatively contact me here to see if I can squeeze you in. These paintings take a lot of love, time and care so I like to give myself the time to pay attention to all details.

I would like my piece of artwork framed

I can help you with this! I have a framer who can frame your artwork in many different materials. Please reach out to me here for a rough quote on framing.

What material is your artwork made from?

I create these unique timeless pieces with acrylic colours and modelling paste to give it that 3D pop. This is something that makes the bouquets so unique to my style.

  • Bonnie Blooms

    Location: South Australia

  • Bee's Blossoms Floral Studio

    Location: Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tweed, Byron Bay Australia


Interested in Becoming a Florist Affiliate

Please send me an email by clicking on the button below.

Florist affiliates receive a commission for offering my service to their clients.

Please note: I appreciate all interest, however, I must review each florist to ensure there are no conflicts of interests e.g. in the same city as another florist affiliate